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Tube Fouling Monitors

The ASME Condenser Performance Test Code, requires extensive use of a device to measure and determine the fouling characteristics of the tube bundle by monitoring individual tubes. Powerfect has developed and field tested a program that meets/exceeds PTC 12.2 requirements.

With proper use of our program, the code can be applied to routine monitoring and/or evaluating condenser acceptance criteria.

The Condenser Tube Fouling Monitors (TFM-Patent Pending) can be purchased as a package including a test plan with data evaluation and a comprehensive report or as a turn-key Performance test program with on site testing. Let us help quantify the potential savings and optimize the cleaning schedule for your condensers.


TFM Operation

After tube cleaning or retube, Tube Fouling Monitor (TFM) is installed with one thermocouple lead positioned to measure outlet temperature of unplugged tube


A control tube adjacent to TFM is plugged with removable plug on both ends
Condenser is placed in service
Outlet temperature data is recorded

After designated period of time, control tube plugs are removed
Second thermocouple lead is installed to measure outlet temperature of control tube
Condenser is placed in service
Outlet temperature data is recorded for original tube and for control tube
Outlet temperature difference can be used to determine amount of fouling resistance in the condenser, resulting in a quantitative indication of overall condenser cleanliness


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