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Mechanical Seal Plugs

SEAL LEAKING TUBES: Greater seal flexibility unlike metal to metal that can loosen over thermal cycles.

SECURE: Positive sealing at operating pressures up to 5,000 psig in either shell or tube side directions. Application temperatures as high as 550 degrees F.

FAST AND EASY: Can be installed at the face of the tubesheet or fully internal to the tube or tubesheet hole. No special tooling required.

REMOVABLE AND REUSEABLE: Removes in seconds. No drilling or machining required.

Plug and seal material available for all shell and tube exchangers - FEEDWATER HEATERS, CONDENSERS, AIR COOLERS, PROCESS EXCHANGERS, CHILLERS. Sizes suitable for I.D. range from .400" to 2.000".



There are two models of plugs:



Pressure up to 5,000 psig

Temperatures up to 550 F



Alpha plugs are typically used in high-pressure applications such as feedwater heaters.



Pressure up to 1,000 psig

Temperatures up to 550 F


Beta Plugs are typically used in low-pressure applications such as condensers and condensate coolers. 


We also offer an INTERNAL version of our BETA plug for completely within the tube applications.


View a presentation that shows how our easy our plugs are to use

Read about how Powerfect plugs performed at a local generating station


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