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Hydrostatic Test Units


Our Hydrostatic testing equipment makes possible the testing of individual tubes inside any shell and tube heat exchanger to a pressure within the tube design ASME code limits and provides a positive means of determining the integrity of each tube. Weak tubes will fail during the test, rather than when the unit is placed back in service, thus avoiding expensive forced outages.


There are two Hydrostatic Test Unit Systems available:

MDD-2,000: Low pressure testing system designed for applications up to 2,000 psig.

MDD-10,000: High pressure testing system designed for applications up to 10,000 psig.


Features include:

Compact, light weight design
Capable of fitting into an 18" I.D. manway.
Air Operated Positive displacement pump with filter and lubricator included
Individual air and water shutoff valves
Compatible with our line of test plugs


Advantages of Individually Hydrotesting Tubes:

Only Go-No/Go Test for Tube integrity
Compliments other NDE inspections
Offers practical plugging criteria
More stringent test than overall system hydro since individual tube test pressure is often much higher than operating pressure or even vessel test pressure
Ability to quantify defect characteristic stress concentration factors not provided by other NDE inspections.


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