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Don't Get Caught with your plants down!

A Northeast utility involved in the blackout of 2003 had recently installed Powerfect plugs in their Condenser as part of a plug changeout program.  A wise decision according to the plant maintenance manager … “Needless to say, the events of last Thursday created its fair share of problems with both units which were on line at the time. 
Tripping off without power feeding in from grid left us with hot condensers and no way to cool them.  We wound up with something like 100 tube leaks between the two units, all from prior plugs failing.  Of course, none of the failed plugs were Powerfect plugs, a testament to your excellent design,  Having to get in the boxes to find and replace the leakers (with your plugs, of course) kept us from capitalizing on some very strong prices for power……  Strong justification for continuing the changeout.,  Expect an order for more plugs from us soon.”



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