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Failure Cause Analysis

Equipment failure can cause major unavailability problems in operating equipment. The impact of failure is felt in economic terms such as increased maintenance, loss of production and decreased reliability. Equipment failures will tend to recur unless the root cause of failure is properly diagnosed and corrective actions implemented.



Powerfect Service Inc, offers tube removal services for condensers, feedwater heaters and other shell and tube heat exchangers. In conjunction with various third party metallurgical labs, Powerfect can provide comprehensive service with rapid turnaround so that customers can make timely decisions. Detailed metallurgical investigation is complimented by engineering analysis to pinpoint the exact cause of failure. The results of these investigations are presented in a clear, concise report. Functional repair, replacement, or modification recommendations can be developed for corrective actions.


Information from the lab can include:

Tube Hoop Stress Determination
Photo micrograph Studies
Can corroborate NDE tests
Chemical and metallurgical Analysis
Likely Failure Mechanisms


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