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About Us

Powerfect was founded in 1976 by Mr. Renato Noe, Mr. Bill O'Donnell and Mr. Michael Catapano.


  Mike has over 40 years experience in the operation, design, procurement and maintenance of feedwater heaters and other shell and tube heat exchangers. As President of Powerfect Inc., he has supported EPRI in numerous feedwater heater projects and seminars.  He holds three patents pertaining to feedwater heater testing and repair and was selected as Inventor of the year 1990.  He is a fellow of the ASME and a former Chairman of the ASME Power Division Heat Exchanger Committee. He is also a co-instructor of the ASME continuing education course "Optimizing Feedwater Heater Operation and Maintenance Technology"


  Paul has over 25 years experience in heat exchanger maintenance and repair. An expert in utilizing Powerfect patented testing and plugging equipment, he has been involved in feedwater heater and other heat exchanger custom repairs in the utility and processing industries worldwide. As field service manager, his responsibilities include management and support of total field maintenance activities which involves a "hands on" approach to service problems as well as overseeing technical personnel.  He has  conducted training seminars in the use of Powerfect equipment and proper maintenance procedures. 


 Eric joined Powerfect in September 2004. Eric graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 1993 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Eric joined the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program shortly after graduation where he received training in Nuclear Power Theory and Operations. While in the Navy, he served on 2 different nuclear powered submarines. In 2000, Eric received a Master's of Science in Operations Management from The University of Arkansas.  



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